EidosMedia joins initiative on investment research standards

May 24, 2012 at 07:23 pm by Staff

Work on an open standard for digital investment research is being supported by systems developer EidosMedia.

The company – which makes the Méthode publishing system used by many financial newspapers and websites – has become an associate member of RIXML.org, a consortium of firms committed to the development of new open standard.

RIXML executive director Jack Roehrig has welcomed EidosMedia: “The expertise they bring to digital publishing solutions brought to the traditional print media will carry forward to the research publishing space, creating new delivery models and exciting implications for research content-tagging strategies,” he says.

EidosMedia Inc general manager Steve Ball says a number of organisations in banking and financial sectors are using the company’s multichannel publishing capabilities. "These organisations need to reach their key audiences in the financial community in an ever-increasing number of ways, without sacrificing enterprise-level workflow and integration,” he says.

“The development of standard formats for the exchange of market intelligence will bring significant benefits and we are pleased to be joining the RIXML consortium to take part in this important work."

As an associate member, EidosMedia will take part RIXML technology working groups, with fellow associate and steering members.


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