IfraExpo/DCX to include industrials' content issues

Jun 14, 2018 at 08:11 pm by Staff

A new exhibition area for companies' content services is being added to the IfraExpo/DCX exhibition offering in Berlin this October.

Organisers say the new area with its own stage will address content marketing agencies and management providers as well as IT decision-makers from other industries, with partners including Ulrich Kampffmeyer, Nico Rehmann and Johannes Woll joining the venture.

Interest is prompted by challenges faced by legislation such as the GDPR and other compliance regulations, and the increasing urgency to safely manage electronic contents.

The new exhibition area at DCX Digital Content Expo aims to bring products and services together for managing the growing flood of information, and will present information on trends in content services on stage.

Kampffmeyer (of Project Consult) has already worked on DMS Expo and IT & Business exhibitions, as well as for industry associations. Rehmann and Woll will broaden the programme with topics including new business models, omnichannel and mobile puiblishing, smart data and the interconnection of software systems.

WAN-Ifra chief executive Vincent Peyrègne says that while managing constantly growing volumes of information in an automatic, safe and lawful way is an important topic for publishing companies, industrial companies will also benefit from the expansion of the exhibition.

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