Google wants more changes on bargaining code

Dec 17, 2020 at 11:39 pm by Staff

Despite concessions, Australia's news media bargaining code is still unworkable, Google says.

The search giant had previously expressed concerns about penalties, data sharing obligations and an arbitration process it says is 'one-sided'.

And while the government has made some changes, Google's ANZ vice president Mel Silva says it "still falls far short of a workable code".

"No website and no search engine pays to connect people to other websites, yet the Code would force Google to include and pay for links to news websites in the search results you see," she says. "This sets the groundwork to unravel the key principles of the open internet people use every day - something neither a search engine nor anyone who enjoys the benefits of the free and open web should accept."

She also criticises what she says is an "unfair and unprecedented baseball arbitration model" which considers the costs of only one side, and encourages ambit claims and arbitration over negotiation.

She says Google is "willing to work with the government" to come to an agreement on a code that regulates the relationship between tech giants and media companies, and claims it will agree to a code, "provided certain changes are made".

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