Questions for newsrooms and a day for CMS innovation

Mar 14, 2021 at 09:59 pm by Staff

Organisers of the Virtual Newsroom Summit in June, WAN-Ifra have a string of questions for those in the business of engaging premium content.

The event - from June 8-10 on European time - presents newsroom strategists from all over the world sharing emerging best practices for pandemic-affected newsrooms.

Some of the questions they set out to answer include:

#1. Content that Sells (and the Audience focus behind it)

Why do climate change topics convert readers to subscribe at one title but not at another? How well do you know your audience(s), and how can you add value? Are you representing (and quoting) enough diverse voices? What audiences are we missing without this diversity in the newsroom?

#2. Newsroom Remotivation - People & Processes

Who is your Chief Mindset Officer? How do you keep going back and arguing for change, especially during a pandemic?

Speakers will look at how newsroom roles and responsibilities have evolved over the past year. Who has cracked the formula to maintain motivation and resilience in their teams? How to manage exhaustion and what's next?

#3. Product Strategies Driving New Subscriptions

Newsletters, podcasts, app, epaper. How do you give new projects proper attention?

#4. The Sustainable Digital Newsroom

How has the recent huge growth in digital subscriptions changed the dynamics in the newsroom?

A whole day (June 8) has been dedicated to CMS solutions to support paid content strategies. Experts and solution providers will discuss features to focus when thinking of investing in a new CMS solution.

Registration details are here.

The virtual conference is one of two WAN-Ifra is holding in June on related themes. Check out the Indian Media Leaders eSummit from June 28-29.

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