Belgian Commander gets new turn for L´Est Républicain

For newspaper press maker Koenig & Bauer, few things are as good as installing a new press. Unless it's installing it a second time.

That's what is happening with the installation of a nine-tower Commander due to be coimmissioned in a new press hall in Houdemont, near Nancy, for L´Est Républicain late next year.

The French publisher is sending a couple of elderly Miller Nohabs to the scrapyard with the move of existing press from Belgium. Maker Koenig & Bauer is to relocate the Commander, which Rémy Ramstein, industrial director of parent company EBRA describes as "the perfect press for us".

K&B will also add an extra web lead to the press, which has motorised reel-handling system, nine four-high towers with three KF 5 jaw folders, double quarterfold capabilities and a comprehensive automation package. Included are QIPC ink density and register controls, automatic plate changing and an ABB console and latest MPS systems.

Dismantling is to start at the beginning of next year with commissioning in the new press hall scheduled for late 2020.

EBRA - itself part of France's Credit Mutual group - prints up to 1.2 million copies daily at peak periods and concentrated production capacity to four printing plants in 2018.