‘Any way’: Mexico gets its sport the way locals like it

Mar 31, 2014 at 05:50 pm by Staff

Mexican sports newspaper Récord has implemented plans for integration including a totally convergent or 360 degree newsroom using Protecmedia.

Joel Silva, technology manager of publisher Notmusa says the operation has allowed them to diversify publication channels, integrating print media, web and digital channels in a single process “in which content is adjusted, oriented and enriched for each platform”.

The result, he says is that they can reach a larger audience “irrespective of the way in which readers wish to consume our information”. Récord has also been able to create a “360 degree newsroom” in which the same team creates content to feed print, web and digital platforms.

Through ProtecMedia’s Milenium editorial system – and integrated ITER web publishing – Récord has optimised the functioning of its newsroom and the improvement of various aspects: “It offers a range of tools which allow the coordinated work of the different individuals who work in content creation, such as designers, journalists and editors. These tools can be classified into two groups: those which make it possible to define and control a workflow, and those which allow the more efficient creation of content,” says Silva.

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