India a buyer as 'biggest' operation clears Honolulu print plant

A package of press equipment from closed Hagadone Printing in Honolulu has been sold and moved following a major operation by US-based ImPressions Worldwide.

Press, prepress and mailroom equipment - and even paper - has been shipped to multiple destinations including India and China as well as California, Rhode Island, Florida, Alabama, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Canada and Chile.

A five-unit Goss M600C heatset web with Contiweb splicer and dryer has gone to Anaheim, California, together with a Muller 227 inserter from ImPressions'stock.

Parts and logistics manager Jerry Loesch said the process - which including shipping from the island to multiple despitantions - was completed a month ahead of schedule.

Hagadone Printing closed its doors in January - with the loss of 93 jobs - citing rising costs, but associated companies under the Hagadone name continue.