Latest design ideas for print and digital in Bangalore

Whether it's print or digital, it's all about design, according to WAN-Ifra South Asia's Vijayalakshmi Murali.

The assistant manager for sales and operations says a new workshop on 'News design for print and digital' from August 19-20 in Bangalore will cater for each platform separately.

First day (August 19) is dedicated to print topics including design trends, making print standout in digital world, the use of variable fonts, fake news and fake charts, as well as rules and guidelines.

The programme continues on August 20 with digital design topics including design trends and modern online design, new tools supporting the 'no code movement', first projects using webflow, and an introduction to JAMstack.

"Either in print or any digital platform, the editor/designer looks for a design that can add value to the content and a personality to the publication," says Murali. "It is not only big news from around the world, that needs to be treated specially but can also be a regional big event, or a sport page that celebrates a championship as well as pages for the culture section presenting an unique event or festival."

Workshop trainer is Chris Courtney, an international design consultant who is a lead mentor for design at San Francisco education company . He has worked extensively as consultant, and was previously at the Chicago Tribune, Los Angeles Times, RedEye, Hoy and others.

The workshop can also be offered as an in-house programme.