Meanwhile, 'Cantonese confusion' takes Hong Kong to the UK

Meanwhile, 'Cantonese confusion' takes Hong Kong to the UK

English commuters could have thought they were in Hong Kong when a familiar news title turned up in Cantonese.

Now a slick cover wrap to promote a new murder series set in the city state - complete with Cantonese masthead - has won top awards in a UK advertising competition.

The Goodstuff-developed campaign for ITV's Stranger series was tops for 'best use of insight' in Newsworks' annual Planning Awards last month, and was also highly commended in the 'best newspaper campaign' and Omnimedia Award categories.

The proposition that "there is nothing more disorientating than finding yourself lost in a foreign city, unable to recognise the visual cues needed to get around" was key in Goodstuff's Cantonese Confusion campaign for the TV series launch.

The agency's cover wrap presentation filled the commuter paper's front page with news in Cantonese and even changed the Metro masthead to Cantonese script, the first time this had been done. Out of home, social media and a partnership with Uber Eats helped the campaign create a sense of immersive theatre.

One of the judges, Simon Carr, who is chief strategy officer at Hearts & Science, said the "really simple compelling insight" drove not only the news brands part of the campaign, but everything else on the plan as well.

And results were brilliant, contributing to a huge success when 6.3 million people tuned in to the drama debut. Some 90 per cent of Metro's reader research panel recalled seeing the ad, praising the campaign for its fresh approach.
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