Newsquest automates ad production for classified sites

Newsquest automates ad production for classified sites

Gannet's Newsquest business in the UK is automating digital job advertisements following a deal with developers Miles 33 and its Wave 2 subsidiary.

Newsquest Media Group - one of the country's largest regional media companies - is using EasyBuild 2 for production of some advertising on its sites.

Set up as a centralised web service, it provides each website with an interface through which staff can select templates and be guided through the process of providing text, images and logos. With smart tools controlling how images are cropped and where they are placed, no no direct design skills are required.

Based on standard technologysuch as HTML5, Adobe's Publishing Suite and Google Web Designer, EasyBuild 2 can build any kind of digital ad such as an MPU, a SkyScraper or banner, mobiles as well as websites.

Multiple versions of ads can be created simultaneously, automating the process for each version or location, with a single invoice created.