Panay colour press investment was 'father's last wish'

Panay colour press investment was 'father's last wish'

Philippines daily newspaper the Panay News is investing in local news with the installation of a five-unit Goss Community press.

US-based imPressions Worldwide is supplying the press - consisting of a four-high tower, one mono unit and an SSC folder - "ready to run" to the newspaper in Iloilo on Panay Island.

Brothers Daniel Farjardo II and John Dan Elijah Farjardo, who are managing directors of the newspaper say they are "committed to ink on paper.

"Our father's final wish was that we reinvest in a printing press," they say. "Our family has provided impactful local news for generations and with this investment that will continue."

The press from imPressions Worldwide will allow them to continue a tradition of providing powerful local news to the region. Delivered in "ready to run" condition, it will allow a big improvement in colour quality.

The daily newspaper - located in Iloilo (pronounced ee-low-ee-low) on Panay Island - reaches residents there and on neighboring islands.

The press is due to ship in April, with installation, start-up and training provided by imPressions technicians and electricians.