Rod Kirkpatrick pulls history of Australia’s country press together

GXpress history columnist Rod Kirkpatrick’s has published A Short History of the Australian Country Press.

The new 265-page edition follows others on NSW, Queensland and Victorian newspaper publishers.

It includes a 26-page index, bibliography and 19th century chronology of ‘births and deaths’ of country papers for each colony. There are 35 tables; and 34 black and white illustrations.

The book includes the first published histories of the country press in Tasmania and Western Australia, and an extensive chapter on the South Australian country press. Other chapters cover Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria country press, as well the dailies, editors and national and country press organisations.

A former New South Wales provincial daily newspaper editor, Kirkpatrick gained a PhD in history from the University of Queensland in 1995, and has lectured in journalism at three Australian universities. He has edited the Australian Newspaper History Group Newsletter since February 2000.

His five earlier books on Australia’s on the country press are: Sworn to No Master: A History of the Provincial Press in Queensland to 1930; Country Conscience: A History of the New South Wales Provincial Press, 1841-1995; The Life and Times of Thadeus O’Kane; Purposely Parochial: 100 Years of the Country Press in Queensland; and The Bold Type: A History of Victoria’s Country Newspapers, 1840-2010.

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