'Takes one to know one': Kohler airs monopoly riposte

'Takes one to know one': Kohler airs monopoly riposte

Finance columnist Alan Kohler must have been feeling bold or reckless when he wrote this contribution to Saturday's Weekend Australian.

Reporting on News Corp Australia's submission to the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission's inquiry into digital platforms, he says some of the worldwide attention was "not very nice".

He says, "takes one to know one" was a common response to News' suggestion that Google should be broken up because of its market power.

The frank statement of an unspoken fact - at least in the Murdoch press - leaves room for speculation that Kohler might not be writing for News next week. But it's OK, Kohler then adds his weight to the argument in the submission by News Corp Australia's executive chairman Michael Miller, released this week.

And he says Facebook - which he refers to as a "vampire squid" - should also be split up.

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