JDF 1.5 scrapes home on New Year’s Eve

Jan 15, 2014 at 12:46 am by Staff

The new JDF 1.5 edition of the Job Definition Format specification has been finalised and is available for download.

Find it at http://www.cip4.org/documents/jdf_specifications.

The final specification was published on New Year’s Eve – scraping in as a 2013 publication – and is the first major update since 2008. It includes numerous “evolutionary changes and fixes”, largely as a result of global experience, as well as new features covering wide format digital printing and digital finishing.

Partially completed portions of a job can now be defined and associated to a barcode or a JMF message allowing printers to divide, barcode and control components of a job, such as pages, signatures, and covers.

It also adds real-time JMF ‘pipelines’ to support instant communication between devices of different manufacturers.

Verification has been updated to allow devices to use non-JDF data exchange by including a reference to a file that lists matching components and their verification status by barcode value. This ease the adaptation of existing systems to a completely automated JDF-enabled environment.

It also caters for a new roll-to-roll winding process, and allows jobs to be defined in units of area rather by sheets.

CIP4 technical officer Rainer Prosi (Heidelberg) says numerous editorial corrections and clarifications followed an announcement last September: “Members of the TSC did a lot of work since then and I want to thank them and technical editor Bob Herriot for their hard work,” he says.


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