Augmented reality users on the money with US presidential result (video)

Nov 07, 2012 at 06:47 pm by Staff

There was only one winner, but Blippar users had a few dollars each way on the US presidential result.

The augmented reality technology was used by both Barack Obama and Mitt Romney to build support, raise funds, and even have a virtual photograph taken with the contender.

Obama supporters were invited to scan a US$5 note to link with content including grass roots support organisations and ‘high five’ the president.


Republican supporters could get behind Romney, literally, by using the Blippar app to click a US$10 note for content including the opportunity to have your picture taken shaking hands. Here’s the video:


As dawn was breaking on post-election America, the Obama video had been viewed 5464 times, and the Romney one only 303 times.


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