GitHub code to jump start Drupal native mobile app development

Apr 04, 2013 at 06:52 pm by Staff

Acquia is releasing of the source code for the Drupal Create a mobile application for iOS devices.

The app allows Drupal content contributors to post content to their websites directly from an iOS device. Acquia has made the full Objective-C source code available on GitHub, providing developers with a codebase from which custom mobile apps that communicate with Drupal sites can be built.

“Drupal has thousands of community-contributed modules and themes,” says Acquia co-founder and chief technical officer Dries Buytaert. “With this release, we are kick-starting development of mobile content publishing apps for Drupal.

He says the Drupal community is increasingly focused on content delivery beyond the desktop as mobile becomes a dominant driver of digital experiences.

“By contributing the Drupal Create codebase, we can leverage the rapid innovation of the Drupal community through offering developers powerful, open source code that they can use, tweak and ultimately, improve.”

With the working codebase as a foundation, developers can build Drupal-specific content publishing apps to address the needs of site owners and content contributors. Custom apps can be tailored to make use of an iOS device’s features, including location and social APIs in addition to its integrated camera and speaker. Drupal Create enables content authors to post new site content, including blog posts, articles, photos, and custom content types to any Drupal 7 site.

Drupal Create was developed with WorkHabit, on top of the Drupal iOS software development kit, which is also available on GitHub. One example of a content publishing app based on the codebase is the Drupal Gardens iOS app, available from the iTunes App Store. Developers can use the Drupal Create codebase to similarly build a custom app for contributing content directly to their Drupal sites.

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