Mozilla-based smartphone preview sells out to developers

Apr 24, 2013 at 06:29 pm by Staff

Developer and enthusiast interest has seen the first Firefox OS smartphones sellout on maker Geeksphone’s website.

The project is the baby of Madrid student Javier Agüera, who launched the company four years agi when he was 16, with Rodrigo Silva-Ramos.

Agüera started in 2010 with an Android-based phone, but switched to Firefox for the developer support and ‘first up’ advantage it would give him.

He famously attended the Mobile World Congress obtaining a cleaner’s badge, as he was too young to register.

Developer preview versions of its Keon and Peak smartphones running Firefox OS went on sale this week, and immediately sold out, but the suggestion is that the company can ramp up production to 5000 units a day if required.

Website TNW reports that Agüera thinks Mozilla has a good chance of succeeding with Firefox because it has the support of a vast community of the developers, key players in the mobile industry on the hardware level, as well as support from leading telcos worldwide.

In case you missed it, here’s their video interview:


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