Google on mobile: See the video, do the math

May 02, 2013 at 01:20 am by Staff

Even if you don’t use the calculator – and why wouldn’t you? – watch the video that goes with today’s Google Full Value of Mobilelaunch.

The idea is to use simple equations to estimate the value that mobile is driving for businesses through calls, apps, in-store, on their mobile site and across devices, using data from Google’s AdWords and from mobile websites.

And the video (below) is a persuasive case for doing more with mobile. Google says media and brands have found working out the value of mobile a challenging task. The ‘consumer-led disruption’ challenges because of the rate at which consumers are using technology.

FVOM is designed to help brands and agencies work out the value of mobile in a multi-screen world. The tool can help agencies and brand owners understand the value of the different interactions across different devices… a first step to digging into the purchase paths of individual consumers.


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