Agfa develops Sublima for 'striking', faster printing

Feb 17, 2020 at 08:22 pm by Staff

Agfa has launched a new "spiral-shaped" screening technology for newspapers it says will hold a 1-99 per cent dot.

The company says the patented dot technology, dubbed Spir@l is more efficient than traditional ink dots and delivers "crystal-clear" images without effort, setting new quality standard in newspaper printing.

Based on the fundaments of its Sublima screening, the system allows striking image quality with reduced slur, and without CTP or press upgrades.

The maker says Spir@l is "perfectly in line" with its ECO3 - ecology, economy, and extra convenience - programme for sustainable innovation, saving ink during printing.

Improved production speeds are also claimed, with plates capable of running faster without spraying ink.


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