Times' seventh M-600 puts strength in numbers

Jul 27, 2008 at 07:17 pm by Staff

Times Printers in Singapore has added a seventh Goss M-600 press to its predominantly Goss-equipped facility. Sonny Tan, head of printing at the parent Times Publishing, says the business has become far more automated, technology-intensive and international over the last five years. “This will continue at an even faster pace, so it is of the utmost importance that printers continuously invest in new technology to remain competitive in a digital age,” he says. Times Printers has set its sights on expanding its customer base in the USA and Europe. Tan (pictured) says the demands of existing and prospective customers in those regions and in Asia and the Middle East are similar: “Print buyers worldwide are going to continuously bring us shorter run lengths and expect higher quality and faster turnaround times,” he predicts. “Exceeding these expectations must be at the core of our investment strategy.” The new M-600 press is configured with four Autoplate automatic plate loading units, one JF-48 folder, a Contiweb SH40 splicer and an Ecoweb dryer. It runs one web at a maximum speed of 48,000 impressions per hour. While maintaining and operating a common M-600 platform delivers advantages, Tan says ongoing developments are vital: “Goss’s continuous enhancement of mechanical capabilities as well as the controls and the digital workflow tools has been one of the most important factors in keeping us coming back to the M-600,” he says. gx
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