TV campaign promises a quick return for advertisers

Mar 02, 2021 at 06:58 pm by Staff

After perhaps being "out for a duck" in 2020, Australia's TV companies are pinning their hopes on a goose called Goldie for 2021.

A new 'Total TV' promotion called 'Goldie's guide to great ROI' promises a return in three months of $18.30 on the marketing dollar, "$4.20 more than the next best channel" which is shown as social (Facebook) on an accompanying chart.

It credits out of home with the next-best return - ahead of social - and print with the worst (almost half at $9.20).

Support for the Payback project came from D&D Consultants' Peter Danaher - who is head of Monash University's marketing department - WPP AUNZ/Group M, and consultancy Gain Theory.

It follows marketing mix modelling projects, and investigations into finance, auto and FMCG sectors. The current modelling analysed 60 brands with sales turnover of $23 billion, nine media channels with a total annual spend of $450 million, and more than 850 ROI observations over a number of years and campaigns.

Exploration of "contrasting optimal media deployment" is promised by July 2021.

Its focus is on the ability of 'Total TV' to deliver short-term sales demand in the same way as it does long-term.

Among claims is that Total TV drives three times the sales volume of other media, and that it is the top driver of search.


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