Automated custom solutions for a fast-changing media business

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Apr 12, 2021 at 07:00 am by admin

To an increasingly-challenging publishing environment, News Hub Media brings automated software solutions and an understanding of custom and critical business operations.

“Our strengths are strategic thinking, key partnerships including with Elpical for Claro automated image enhancement, and our expertise in creating and executing technological advances for the media industry,” says founder and president Richard Laframboise. “Customers form trusted relationships with our highly experienced global team and profit from this partnership.”

The US-headquartered company is a leader in providing software products and technology services for media companies, publishers and commercial printers. NHM offers customised prepress and content management solutions using the latest technology platforms and cloud infrastructure, to achieve automated and cost-effective content workflow and production management.

Core NHM prepress solutions WebImposer, Automator and ColorSaver are designed to be automated, scaleable and affordable for newspaper publishers. Content solutions include Elpical’s Claro for automated image enhancement, ARK for digital asset management, and GoMediaHub for automated media file processing – are available as an integrated solution or as standalone modules.

“At a time of digital and print technological transformation, coupled with the transition to cloud and security systems infrastructure and remote support for work-from-home staff, NHM delivers products which are cloud-enabled, workflow independent and accessible via web browser,” Laframboise says. “We offer managed services ranging from remote system administration, as well as application support and specific system monitoring.”

With more than 20 years of prepress and content publishing experience, NHM recognises that every newspaper publisher and commercial printer is unique. “Our clients’ business requirements, technology infrastructure, operations and workforce distribution involve creating software and integrated system solutions to meet their specific needs,” he says.

This is the approach NHM uses to work with the largest global publishers and commercial printers, in order to provide each client with exceptional products, quality automation and a competitive edge.

Nine Entertainment in Sydney has recently improved its image enhancement capabilities with Claro, including integrations with Google Vision AI for automated metadata, and Removebg for background removal.

Dainik Jagran in India continues to expand its use of Claro to automate image enhancement for thousands of images a day, and NHM, – with its key partner Technova Imaging Systems – has delivered the Claro and ColorSaver automated solutions to several other Indian newspapers and commercial printers during this challenging time.

With recent enhancements to ColorSaver for image sharpening and ink savings, NHM continues to evolve its products to meet the needs of Indian publishers.

In the Americas, News Hub Media’s presence includes partnerships with Gannett and USA Today, the New York Times, Adams Publishing Group, Community Impact, and Organización Editorial Mexicana (OEM). These media groups – some of which you can read about on our website – represent hundreds of newspapers that have installed NHM software to automatically process millions of photos and output thousands of news pages a year.

“Through its continued development of prepress and digital and print content core products, NHM continues to provide integrated print and digital software solutions that transform prepress and content delivery management,” says Richard Laframboise. “NHM invites you to explore our products and services at the News Hub Media website and to contact us with your requirements.

“We are here to help newspaper publishers and commercial printers with their unique print and digital challenges – and it all starts with a conversation.”

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India and Asia Pacific: Sahaya Inbarajan, Business Development Manager, News Hub Media,