It’s your GX: Content contributions is ‘on’!

May 06, 2021 at 10:42 am by admin

Sending your news and views is easier, following our move to a new web and newsletter platform in April.

It’s the first stage in our plans to make the site more accessible for readers and advertisers, and hopefully putting it at the centre of an independent newsmedia news community that you drive.

The ContentEngine platform from US-based Bondware – who have been our provider since we first went online in 2008 – includes mechanisms for Members to submit content and share revenue, as well as for advertisers to book and pay for display advertising, all of which we’re looking forward to trialling progressively on

As an experiment in community publishing, Bondware boss Tim Choate has been operating such a site in his home town at Murfreesboro Voice since 2017, and now receives about 20,000 unique visitors a month. Importantly, he has a band of more than 100 individuals and groups that contribute articles and pictures to the site, and receive a share of revenue for their efforts.

It’s a concept that may appeal to would-be – and existing – publishers looking for a platform for public interest news.

For, you need to first register as a Member to contribute content:

-Join as a Member

-Log in and go to ‘Profile’

-Click ‘Create New Article’ (we have no facility for slideshows as yet).

This will take you to a standard CMS-style form to enter headline and text, and upload a photograph (390 pixels wide x 260 deep requested, but supply what you have and we’ll fix it). Don’t forget to Save.

Contributions will be moderated, and please contact me if you have any queries. Our standard Webform is still available if you find it easier.

Please help support GXpress by sending us your news and views.

Peter Coleman

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