Promoting print still worthwhile as poll results beckon

Jun 20, 2022 at 12:08 am by admin

With second round election results due early next week, French regional Voix de Nord was making sure readers knew where to turn to for the news.

Still roving GXpress caught up with a member of the paper’s commercial staff in the entrance of a large Carrefour store in Saturday’s stifling heat, handing out free copies of the Cambrai print edition. I told her how good it was to see print still being promoted, coming as I do from a country in which hundreds of print editions have been killed in the last couple of years.

Voix de Nord is a lively and nicely-printed tabloid, with a smart open design, Saturday’s edition running to 52 pages – including 11 of local Cambresis content – plus a four-page motoring supplement.

While the paper has a strong paywall-protected website, I learned pushing print subscriptions is still worthwhile.

Peter Coleman


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