Wobe solves a complex problem for Rodi Rotatiedruk

Jul 01, 2022 at 01:20 am by admin

Winning the race against obsolescence has brought forward replacement of an impositioning system at Rodi Rotatiedruk in Diemen in north Holland.

The company is replacing its current software with EAE/Wobe workflow automation.

Rodi Rotatiedruk prints its own newspapers and other publishers’ titles, but also one of the most prestigious titles in the Netherlands, Het Financieele Dagblad, requiring the use of an inhouse-developed impositioning system on their KBA Cortina press and Kodak CTP installations.

Technical director Dick Ranzijn says the current system – written in an old programming language –is no longer supported, and the person who wrote it has now retired. “So you have no fallback position in case there are problems, or even worse, when the system breaks down completely,” he says.

Exploration of the situation identified needs which were more extensive than initially thought, but could be solved with the EAE/Wobe product. Print 7 for production planning and Print Image (Wobe) for the prepress workflow automation will provide more stability, decreases the risk of error and increases efficiency.

Wobe-Team managing director Oliver Dissars said the combination of fully automated prepress workflow and the Print Image Portal would enable Rodi to work more closely and securely with its customers. Data delivery is simplified and made more secure through automatic quality control.

The customer can use the portal softproof to check the quality until shortly before plate imaging and intervene if necessary.

“Financially, it should therefore yield savings through a lower error margin and more efficient work processes,” says Ranzijn.


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