Solution greater than the parts as Advendio unifies offering

Feb 01, 2023 at 06:27 pm by admin

Salesforce-based ad management platform Advendio has streamlined its offering to create what it says is a comprehensive unified solution.

First launched with a string of add-on modules – ranging from self-service ad technologies to programmatic and media buying tools – the core advertising management solution has now been updated, and its pricing structure simplified.

Business development vice president Julian Ahrends says the changes are the result of listening to the needs of an ever-changing industry: “We realised that the market rapidly became more complex over the last few years, therefore, custom-made solutions that only included parts of our platform no longer made sense.

“We felt it was time to significantly streamline our offering in order to make the purchasing and onboarding processes easier for all customers,” he said.

The Ireland-headquartered company claims Advendio One is now full-process advertising management solution to optimise operations, enable new business models and maximise advertising revenue, “whether you are a buyer or seller of advertising”.

The intention is to future-proof the product, with key components for campaigns, finance, connections and applications. The company still provides an add-on for full-stack programmatic advertising and monetisation at scale.

-Advendio has announced the appointment of Ralf Kordsmeier as chief operating officer. He previously held a similar position with Accenture subsidiary Sinnerschrader Commerce, where he was responsible for business operations of the German and Czech Republic divisions.

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