Cloud-based workflow optimises print in 19 states

Feb 16, 2023 at 11:51 pm by admin

Production of more than 200 Adams Publishing publications across 15 print sites in 19 US states has been streamlined through a standardised workflow solution.

The workload – which includes 30 dailies and hundreds of commercial products – is now handled by a cloud and HTML-based ProImage NewsWayX workflow.

It replaces local workflows from four different vendors and provides an automated solution for page and plate tracking, RIPping, imposition, and output management using a single, integrated user interface.

Features include ink optimisation, automated image toning, preflighting and monitoring, as well as detailed tracking. Being able to notify operators of a system error and keeping track of all pages and plates generated for each site is another key advantage.

Production vice president Doug Wilson said simplifying a complex workflow while reducing cost and saving time was a key factor: “Further, it allows APG to use personnel assets across their production facilities in a hub-based format since some production personnel will be given access to output to multiple facilities’ CTP devices.

“The cloud-based system and our ability to create standardisation, centralise some operations while bringing savings was very attractive.”

Centralising the workflow in the cloud will result in a reduction in support contract costs due to the elimination of multiple workflows currently in place, as well as the elimination of upkeep and replacements of onsite hardware.

Since its first acquisition in March 2014, Adams Publishing has grown to a group of 30 dailies, over 250 non-daily, and collectively over 220 media-related products and associated websites.

Pictured: Janesville prepress manager Mike Anderson


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