Ideas and examples in INMA’s GenAI mini-report

Apr 22, 2024 at 02:19 pm by admin

INMA has released the first of several ‘mini-reports’ on generative AI and the news media as part of its Generative AI Initiative.

Written by the lead of INMA’s Generative AI Initiative Sonali Verma, it features 31 specific ways in which news media companies are already using GenAI, focussing on workflow enhancements for efficiency and consumer-facing products.

The mini-report, ‘How News Publishers Are Using GenAI Right Now’, delves into:

- The excitement and fear of GenAI for news publishers;

- The possibilities of the technology;

- Current best practices; and

- The future of GenAI in media.

The 34-page report is the first of several INMA plans on generative AI as part of its Generative AI initiative in 2024. Each will be geared towards use cases, the current industry thoughts on the topic, and how the “excitement-to-panic” ratio is going with news media leaders.

It also includes a broad look at GenAI search, current recommended best practices for news organisation teams, and thoughts on the future of GenAI and global media.

The report includes examples from Bauer Media, Ippen Digital, Bayerischer Rundfunk, JP/Politikens, Grupo RBS, DPG Media, HT Media, Politico, Nikkei, Nederlandse Publieke Omroep, Clarin, MediaCorp Singapore, Rede Gazeta, Hearst, HT Media, Trustmedia, Financial Times, Ringier Axel Springer, Mediafin, Stuff, Palm Springs Post, Sanoma Media, Times Internet, The New York Times, Medien Hub Bremen-Nordwest, and Tamedia.

‘How News Publishers Are Using GenAI Right Now’ is free to INMA members and available for purchase by non-members at Click here to download the report 

Pictured: Minutes by Nikkei, which is featured in the new report, is a standalone subscription product that offers shortened versions of content.


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