Reduced ink, water brings energy saving

Feb 09, 2014 at 06:57 pm by Staff

Apart from significant ink and water reductions, Japanese web-offset printer Beniya Offset is achieving “huge” energy savings from a change of printing plate.

Agfa Graphics Japan says the company has switched to full-scale use of Azura TS chemistry-free thermal plates together with its ‘quick dry’ printing technique.

President of Beniya Offset and chairman of the Nippon Web-Offset Printers Association, Mr. Imai, says from the beginning, “far less water and ink” was used than ever before. “As a result it was also possible to lower the temperature of the dryer substantially and thus to save on energy costs.

“We had full support of our staff; they are all impressed by the results of this implementation.”

Agfa Graphics global marketing and strategy vice president Tim Van den Bossche says the whole web-offset printing industry in Japan – “like Beniya Offset” – has extremely tight quality expectations. “It is a team achievement that the chemistry-free Azura plates have been accepted in this industry. This will be looked at closely by the rest of the world."

Agfa says in its ‘quick dry’ printing technique, the flat substrate of the Azura plate allows dedicated press settings, resulting in a higher performance and consistently better print quality. At the international Page 2014 press conference Mr. Imai and Mr. Van den Bossche both elaborated on how the introduction of Azura TS and Quick Dry Printing in web-offset printing brought advantages in terms of sustainability and created new opportunities.

Pictured (from left) Mr. Matsuishi (Agfa Graphics), Mr. Imai and Mr. Van den Bossche at Page 2014

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