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Jul 20, 2008 at 02:45 am by Staff

➤ technotrans – which reinforced its position in Australia this year with seminars and the opening of a new Melbourne office – now has a full range of blanket cleaning options, as well as new systems for dampening solution preparation and filtration. With the contex product range, the company now offers a wide choice of cleaning systems for blanket and impression cylinders. Development focused on increasing press availability, with each model bringing unique advantages. For newspaper applications, technotrans has acquired Rotoclean, while continuing to develop its own solutions. contex.mb – which cleans with a narrow movable brush – is an economical and effective solution for fully-automatic cleaning. Combined with the ecoclean.line washing agent recycling system, it offers an exceptional concept for clean and environmentally friendly production. A first newspaper installation of technotrans’ self-developed contex.c system is set with a 40-cleaner order for a Goss Universal user in Switzerland to be fulfilled later this year. The system offers greater cloth length, reduced washing time and less cloth consumption. Alexander Honsel, printing centre manager at Zehnder Print – which prints the ‘Wall Street Journal Europe’, ‘International Herald Tribune’ and ‘.ch’ daily, together with 35 weekly newspapers and other work – says the company was swayed by the innovative technology and the results of extensive tests: “The technotrans systems offer a wide range of advantages that genuinely impressed us.” The range for cleaning in newspaper and heatset printing is rounded off with yet another proprietary development,, which cleans blankets with one continuous brush. The system features innovative dosing and flicker bar technology, a particularly low washing agent consumption and automated liquid transport. Here too, technotrans has developed a product which helps protect the environment and noticeably reduces operating costs. New design concepts for technotrans’ delta.d lines for dampening solution preparation on heatset presses improve energy efficiency in refrigeration, as well as providing higher operational safety, especially where there are relatively heavily contaminated dampening solution circuits. technotrans sees its dampening solution filtration systems as an ‘investment in savings’ for every application. For commercial web presses, spinclean.d offers a consumable-free system for fine filtration, while for newspaper printing, delta.f with cross-flow filtration also works without consumables. The collective result of all these is perfectly clean dampening solution and a clean system. Less time is spent on cleaning and dampening solution replacement, so the machine has less downtime. The reduced time and effort results in a considerable reduction in operating costs and maximum machine availability. Opening of the Melbourne office is a further step to the company’s main target of being close to its users around the world. Many printers use technotrans solutions as an opportunity to increase their efficiency during production and to ensure consistently high quality print to tight timescales at a competitive cost. Pressroom ancillaries can make a major difference in these areas and, in an increasingly scientific business, having chemistry that is predictable and reusable, or ink that feeds well with minimal waste can make a major difference to productivity and profitability. technotrans also offers advice on pressroom, environmental and health and safety issues. The ecoclean.line washing agent recycling system is an example of technotrans innovation. A clean solution for the environment, it has the added benefit of a considerable reduction in costs, reducing the need to purchase washing agent and avoiding the cost of having used agent collected and disposed of. Operating the units is straightforward and clean, even though extremely contaminated liquids are treated. After a phase separation process, the contaminated washing agent is separated from ink particles, paper dust and powder in a multi-stage filtration process. The filtrate is then collected and fresh solvent added automatically. Waste water is chemically treated in such a way that permissible limit values are complied with, allowing it to be fed into the sewage system. A further core competence of technotrans is fully automatic ink supply for every print technology. Included in this extensive range is a recently developed low pressure UV ink pumping system, which was on display for the first time at DRUPA. Remote filling of ink ducts at the press is now the norm for modular ink supply systems. In close cooperation with the customer, systems are individually planned and delivered as turnkey facilities. Unit components are complemented by an intelligent data network which checks ink tank levels, evaluates consumption data for individual presses and can interface with ink manufacturers’ systems for integrated logistics. technotrans is an international supplier of press ancillaries for sheetfed and web-offset presses. Its product range includes dampening, reverse osmosis, ink roller temperature control, ink supply, factory cooling, fount control, filtration systems, cleaning systems and solvent recovery systems. The company has 19 locations around the world employing more than 800 people and generates annual sales of A$240 million. The success of technotrans relies on a clear strategy: innovation, concentration on its core competencies and a company culture oriented towards customers’ needs. technotrans technologies pte ltd Melbourne: Unit 7 / 111 Lewis Road Wantirna, Vic 3152 Phone: +61 (0)3 9887 5049 Fax: +61 (0)3 9801 1945 Contact Graham Castley – Technical Sales Manager, Mobile: 0431 320 556 Email:


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