How DIC is working strategically to reduce its environmental footprint

Jul 20, 2008 at 02:46 am by Staff

➤ It may be the ink used on a newspaper or magazine page, or the ink used to create the wrapper on a loaf of bread or a chocolate bar. In Australasia, the primary focus of DIC is driven by printers ink and related products. The company dominates the newspaper ink market in this part of the world, operating a large newspaper ink manufacturing plant in Australia supplying many of Australia and New Zealand’s largest newspaper publishers. About a third of the newspaper ink production is exported to key Asian markets. DIC managing director Australia and New Zealand Dr David Rands says the company exports on the basis of quality, not price. The focus on quality extends to every stage of ink production and beyond. DIC’s focus goes right down to the repeatability and consistency of product with a goal of making ink intrinsically “boring,” something printers can rely on and not have to think about too much. “In the past few years we have shown strong growth because we have been pro-active in trying to improve our market position by promoting our quality products and ensuring our staff are the very best across all areas of technical expertise,” says Dr Rands. As a fully integrated company, DIC in Australia and New Zealand has greatly strengthened its market leading position over the past 12 months in printing ink manufacture and graphics supply in the region. Recently, DIC’s Offset division which is headed up by Ian Johns, and previously with three main subdivisions – being Coldset, Heatset and Sheetfed – has grown to include a fourth focus, Graphics. In newspaper ink, DIC manufacture everything in Australia and control all the technology – an absolute fundamental. This focus on quality extends to every stage of ink production and beyond. And that quality is applied across all facets of the company. Today, DIC is working strategically to reduce its environmental footprint, manufacturing in ‘clean’ plants and avoiding anything that could be interpreted as environmentally unfriendly. This philosophy also embraces supply chain management solutions that minimise waste and the impact of ink on our environment, including clever packaging and transportation concepts. DIC is committed to corporate social responsibility through the ‘DIC Way’ – a global Code of Conduct for all DIC companies, comprising emphasis on its Management Vision, our Corporate Values and our Principles of Conduct. A key objective of the DIC Way is environmental awareness and sustainability. Another key area of DIC’s focus is working with customers on managing issues, helping eliminate anything that is causing a disadvantage in terms of waste, productivity, cost or time. After all, in the end, it’s all about a partnership – with DIC working towards the same goal as its customers, of getting the best looking news on the page. CELEBRATING 100 YEARS OF COLOUR 1908-2008 A new logo, a new name, and a 100 year anniversary for DIC On April 1 2008 Dainippon Inks & Chemicals Incorporated, changed its name to DIC Corporation, and along with this name change comes a new visual identity. The year 2008 also happens to mark the 100th anniversary of the largest ink manufacturer in the world. Dainippon Ink and Chemicals Incorporated is one of Japan’s most diversified chemical companies and the core of the DIC Group, which comprises approximately 230 subsidiaries and affiliates – including Sun Chemical – in more than 60 countries worldwide. Since inception, the DIC name has been synonymous with integrity, reliability and innovation. In Australia and New Zealand, DIC continues to play a major role within its chosen markets and it is driven by the exciting opportunities developing throughout the printing industry. Its local traditional values of quality and service have been embraced by loyal customers who convert its coloured inks into the finest quality printed materials. DIC customers are preferred partners and our relationships evolve through innovation and a profound understanding of our customers needs. A team of technical and commercial experts ensure that it exceeds the expectations of its partners. DIC will carry on the great traditions of the very well known brands it has had since starting in Australia and New Zealand 60 years ago as Coates Brothers. Its people, products and values continue to evolve and improve to enable us to provide the ANZ market with market leading performance and satisfaction. With this change product labeling will take on the identity of DIC and the Coates logo will gradually be withdrawn. Its commitments to the newspaper, packaging, publication and graphics markets with world leading products and service will continue under our new product branding. For more information, Ph: +61 2 9752 1200 Email Web


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