KBA sells used C518 heatset press to Russian customer

Mar 08, 2017 at 04:33 pm by Staff

KBA will supply and relocate a used 40-page Compacta press for a customer in St Petersburg, Russia.

One of the largest and most experienced printing companies in western Russia, Deviz purchased Estonian printer Uniprint four years ago, and is investing in the Compacta 518 to satisfy increased demands for quality and new products.

Relocation of the press from T'Hooft in Belgium to Russia is being managed by the service department of KBA-Digital & Web, with recommissioning set for this northern autumn.

Established 20 years ago, Deviz runs several presses including a 24-page Compacta S80 from its 15,000 m2 print centre, earning a good reputation for newspaper, magazine and advertising work across Russia, the Baltic states and Northern Europe.

Deviz managing director Andrey Shadrin says the objective has always been to develop innovative and tailored products for customers. "The Compacta 518 is to serve above all the growing advertising market in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Finland."

The press is engineered for a cylinder circumference of 1240 mm and a web width of 1075 mm, covering a market niche between 32-48 page products, and features Patras M reel-loading, Pastomat RC reelstand, four printing units with automatic blanket washing, a flexible superstructure and a variable-format KBA V5 folder. Loading of job and presetting data, as well as production monitoring and evaluation, is handled by a LogoTronic management system.


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