One-around press a flexible solution for Avis-Tryk

Apr 06, 2023 at 03:51 am by admin

Installation of a new Koenig & Bauer press and modernization of another will build flexibility and add capacity at an outpost of Denmark’s largest newspaper group.

The new six-tower Continent press at Avis-Tryk in Hornslet delivers the four-page tabloid page jumps of a single-circumference press to the site, with slitting and ribbon-stitching facilities in the folder superstructure adding variable splitting of tabloid products into several stitched sections, including ones with different page counts, if required. A quarterfolder in the jaw folder of the Continent adds magazine and post-fold production.

With a target of late this year, the new press will replace an older one by another maker, while an existing K&B Colora will be upgraded to share an EAE OPS Print system for production planning and presetting.

The new press comprises six automatic reelstands with Patras reel logistics, six printing towers for 4+4 production, and a KF3 jaw folder, enabling production of tabloid newspapers with up to 48 pages

Avis-Tryk administrative director Gert Nielsen says the modern, flexible press “ticks all the boxes of our requirements specification.”

“This makes the Continent an investment in the future of our printing group, and it will enable us to delight our customers with a broad spectrum of high-quality print products.”

Avis-Tryk produces newspapers and advertising publications for the Danish market as a member of media group JP/Politikens Hus.

The order continues a long-standing partnership, with the maker’s presses in use at Erritsø Tryk for almost 30 years, including a Commander in Erritsø (1994), a Commander 6/2 in Glostrup (2008) and the Colora in Hornslet (2009).

Pictured (from left): Nielsen and Henrik Quistgaard from Avis-Tryk, with Håkan Runden from Koenig & Bauer DK

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