Ferag to ‘redefine intralogistics’ with Australian buy

Sep 20, 2023 at 05:38 pm by admin

Swiss mailroom systems builder Ferag has bought dereOida, a Sydney-based developer of warehouse automation software.

The company says the strategic move will combine expertise and innovations to create a comprehensive, single solution for all intralogistics requirements.

Australian pioneer in warehouse automation software dereOida is the developer of the doWarehouse system, which is designed to integrate with any chosen hardware.

doWarehouse enables users to “streamline processes, enhance productivity, reduce costs and allows for continuous improvement through insightful analytics.

“Notably, it provides a single source of truth, revolutionises sortation management, replaces cumbersome spreadsheets, and optimises warehouse space utilisation,” the company says.

Family-owned, and founded on newspaper mailroom systems, Ferag – which has a subsidiary in Australia – has a global presence across 18 countries and more than 600 staff now delivering sorting, conveying, buffering and order fulfilment solutions to a variety of industries.

Ferag chief executive Tommaso Ramundo says the merger is pivotal, “as we relentlessly pursue the realignment of our global sales strategy to effectively meet the changing needs of our customers”.

Pictured: Ramundo with dereOida chief executive Karl Friesenbichler

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