News desert fear behind US media’s push on JCPA rights

Aug 24, 2023 at 09:44 am by admin

Supporters of the bipartisan US Journalism Competition & Preservation bill are pointing to the fifth of the population that lives in a news desert or in a community at risk of becoming one.

“The stark reality is that a quarter (2,500) of the country’s newspapers have shuttered since 2005, and another third are expected to close by 2025 if we don’t do something to reverse this startling trend,” says the country’s News/Media Alliance. “Lower-income communities are disproportionately impacted by the closure of local newspapers, which serve as a check on the local, state and federal governments.

“When residents lose their local news source, they lose their community watchdog and their way to stay connected, informed and engaged about what’s happening in their community. Supporting quality journalism is the only way to stop the growth of news deserts.”

That’s the rationale behind the JCPA, which would allow local news companies to negotiate with Big Tech to ensure they are treated fairly and compensated justly, helping to sustain this critical function. “If Congress doesn’t pass the JCPA now, communities across America will continue to lose quality local, fact-based news coverage.

“When you support the JCPA, you support journalism and help to ensure news publishers can continue to invest in providing the important news and investigative journalism you want and need to help stay informed and engaged.”

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